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September 2018

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December 2017

With renovations of the new rooms completed the work has kicked in to overdrive over at Antho's.

On the back of Mike Rule's new drum video we completed filming of Brendan Mann's new music video for his upcoming release "Squishy Bender". Also sneaking in amongst the other releases was a CGI sequenced short film called "Aeons" and released as a  pair with the new Bottlebrush song "A Question Of Belief" and a cheeky little bonus track before the year's end called "Monokey".

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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from the AR team.

Ocober 2017

Another HUGE renovation has been completed here at our studios! To celebrate and test out our new recording space we put together a drum video featuring resident sound engineer and drum kit maestro Mike Rule. 

From Perth death metal band Khariot's classic debut album "Disymposium" Mike performs the track "Crimson Sanctorum."

 A visceral headbanger, with some insane technique and speed on drums driving the edgy flow of ominous guitars and snap neck breakdowns.

Check out the results of this project here or on YouTube.

If you'd like to use this space or our services to create your own video or audio project please do not hesitate to contact us via the "BOOK HERE" button above.

May 2017

Last year song writer, instrumentalist and producer "Bottlebrush" released his debut EP "Particles" showing off how electronic music can be put on display with traditional and acoustic settings exploring fusion in some of it's less established areas. While nominations close on the APRA Professional Development Awards the new songs just keep coming!


Bottlebrush Has been back at it with bass guitarist and song writer Brendan Manns generating a cinematic and energetic fusion of instruments and synthesis in their new piece "Forward Thinking". 

You can find links to this new track here or follow Bottlebrush on Facebook to get updates on new and exciting music as it's released.

Bottlebrush Forward Thinking

Febuary 2017

This month has seen the release of another HUGE single by Audible Flora. The second single from their album set for release in 2017 shows off a new energy and song writing style that demonstrates some of the best our studio has to offer. We highly recommend you check it out!

-Stronghold In The Sky

"This song draws influence from retro video games, modern big bands and electronic music. It conjures a sense of adventure and exploration aiming to take the listener on a journey of nostalgia and wonder."

January 2017

The last few months of the year always get very busy over in our neck of the woods. We finished it off strong with the launch of HUSSY's second EP "Lights Out Diana".


 On the back of a busy year of gigs this music shines through as possibly their best to date! Get on over to Bandcamp or Spotify and check it out!

 Audible Flora have also began to show signs of activity before their coming 2017 album releasing a music video for their new song "Endless Painting". Psychedelic Rock meets Jazz in this energetic fusion of sounds and eclectic song writing! Head on over to YouTube or stream the video direct here.


On top of all this Perth bass player Brendan Manns has been making use of the studios recording his debut EP. The project is yet to be titled but a short teaser video of "The Squishy Bender can be found HERE.

The year is fresh and it's time to do it all again!

Keep posted & HAPPY NEW YEAR from the team @ AR

September 2016

HUSSY back in the studio recording new material and "Particles" is now available on iTunes and Spotify!

This month we have been back working with local punk rockers HUSSY. Recording their new album scheduled for release late this year. The girls have taken on a new drummer and they are sporting a reinvigorated energy and sound that is set to hit you right in the guts!

Also while "Particles" builds traction in the indie music scene reviewers No More Division had nothing but positive words for the release in their online post by J Simpson:

"Bottlebrush is the solo project of studio/label owner Cory Jackman. Jackman runs a label out of Perth called Anthrophobic Records, and Particles is a guided tour through what his studio is capable of. It must be a seven-figure affair, as the synths, drums and guitars of the largely instrumental LP shimmer and shine like liquid metal, over the span of Particles' six tracks. Almost all of Particles lingers in the electronic realm, only pausing for the dreamy, guitar-centric post-rock exploration of “Smoke," which still bristles with electronics in the wings, glittering like the Aurora Borealis. It may be a technical exercise, but there's still plenty of heart and heat beneath the silken guitar textures."

Find links to the full review and other pages to peruse here. Follow and support some of these local projects!





August 2016

Bottlebrush released the origins of his music on the new EP "Particles", an instrumental journey between genres and styles boasting exciting song writing and modern production techniques. Head on over to Band Camp and get your copy:

This month has also been very exciting for the "Chapters" project. "Isla View" the first single is ready and will be released any day now so keep watching our feeds!

Updates to our website mean you can now make bookings online over at our BOOK ONLINE tab. You can also view our current bookings using the CALENDAR tab.

July 2016

What a month! Two new songs and serious developments with Chapters also loads of video footage up and the HUSSY girls back at it with their new drummer Mark.

So "Dreams" and "Four Roses" two thrilling new Bottlebrush songs, worlds apart in genre and style, dropped over a two week period this month, tracks appeared on SoundCloud and can be streamed here.  

The first single from Chapters is nearing stages of completion and exciting times are around the corner as Ryan Skinner and an awesome team of session musicians work hard on his debut album. 

Follow our feeds for updates!!

June 2016

Another busy few months has seen a collaboration between Bottlebrush and Matt King from Echo Drive coming together on the track "In Every Sense". You can find a link to the release here or on our media page.

Michael Rule also released the first installment of his online video series  "Age of Wonders Sessions". The videos contain original drums scored and performed by Michael with an ensemble of songs written by Michiel Van Den Bos. The video is posted here and can be found on our media page.

In between all the recent releases Ryan Skinner, a singer song writer from Perth, has been working hard on his debut album "Chapters" set for release this year. Ryan has been working with a myriad of session musicians to put together a deep acoustic album of material he has been working on for years. Keep posted for more news on this!

January 2016

We had a huge 2015 with two great Perth bands releasing their first ever EPs! We kicked things off in March with all-girl, five-piece HUSSY for their debut EP Where We Came Frum. The EP took two months of recording and mixing to come to life, and you can hear the whole thing right here.


In August, alternative rock band Echo Drive started recording their debut EP Elements. Echo Drive's genre demanded the use of one of our most coveted pieces of equipment: Fractal Audio's Axe FX. Discover their eclectic sound over here.


In-between recording debut EPs over the year, we had the awesome opportunity to work with Strawberry Hills Records from Sydney who sent over Perth-based hip-hop artist Zinga J for a day of recording vocals. You can listen to the finished track here.


Meanwhile our recording studio is still undergoing a transformation while we continue to record bands and release new music! Keep an ear out for more releases from Anthophobic Records in 2016!