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Mix Month

Mix month deals are starting this September and running through October here at Anthophobic Records. Standard prices on mixing are up to 40% off for this short period!

Get in fast and our experienced mixing/mastering engineer, Cory Jackman will bring out the best in your music or audio projects for an impressively low rate.


We are offering great packaged deals at efficient turnarounds on request so get in touch while the offer stands and see what we can do to help with your project.


With renovations of the new rooms completed the work has kicked in to overdrive over at Antho's.

On the back of Mike Rule's new drum video we completed filming of Brendan Mann's new music video for his upcoming release "Squishy Bender". Also sneaking in amongst the other releases was a CGI sequenced short film called "Aeons" and released as a  pair with the new Bottlebrush song "A Question Of Belief" and a cheeky little bonus track before the year's end called "Monokey".

To listen too and support these releases plus more visit our music tab, YouTube channel or BandCamp/Spotify pages and subscribe.

Another HUGE renovation has been completed here at our studios! To celebrate and test out our new recording space we put together a drum video featuring resident sound engineer and drum kit maestro Mike Rule. 

From Perth death metal band Khariot's classic debut album "Disymposium" Mike performs the track "Crimson Sanctorum."

 A visceral headbanger, with some insane technique and speed on drums driving the edgy flow of ominous guitars and snap neck breakdowns.

Check out the results of this project here or on YouTube.

If you'd like to use this space or our services to create your own video or audio project please do not hesitate to contact us via the "BOOK HERE" button above.

Last year song writer, instrumentalist and producer "Bottlebrush" released his debut EP "Particles" showing off how electronic music can be put on display with traditional and acoustic settings exploring fusion in some of it's less established areas. While nominations close on the APRA Professional Development Awards the new songs just keep coming!


Bottlebrush Has been back at it with bass guitarist and song writer Brendan Manns generating a cinematic and energetic fusion of instruments and synthesis in their new piece "Forward Thinking". 

You can find links to this new track here or follow Bottlebrush on Facebook to get updates on new and exciting music as it's released.

Bottlebrush Forward Thinking
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