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Room Design

February 2015

The rooms are finished and we’re ready to record! Anthophobic Records is officially open for business as a fully-equipped recording studio and rehearsal room, at our new location only 30 minutes south of Perth city. Locals  Audible Flora have already made use of the facilities and have recorded and filmed a new video.


Recent updates to our website have made it easier for you to contact us and make bookings, but spaces are filling up fast so contact us to book a free consult!

Sound Design

June 2014

From the industry's most popular equalizers, compressors and limiters, to award-winning reverbs, noise reduction, modelled analog hardware, surround and post production tools and artist signature collections, we have access to a phenomenal range of world-class audio plugins to make your project distinct and professional.


We utilize plugins designed and programmed by:

  • Waves 

  • UAD

  • KVR

  • Avid

  • PSP Audioware

  • Shadow Hills

  • Native Instruments

  • FabFilter

  • Izotope


Plus many more boutique and third party designs. Contact us today for a free consultation at our south of the river recording studio.

The Construction Process

March 2014

Lately we’ve been so busy designing, building and moving to our new studio, that as a result this space hasn't seen any attention for a while! I would like to take five to preview some of the efforts that have gone into making this our biggest and best location ever!


It was in December last year that settlement was completed on the land for the new studio. A big, old, brick workshop was what we where looking at... Immediately the old girl was gutted - clearing out the rusted work benches, cleaning and sealing the floors, plus a bit of restoration was attempted to bring the old brick work back to it's former glory.


Once gutted the roofs where reinforced and sealed from inside out and the structure was checked for weather resistance. Confident we now had a reliable structure we began constructing our "Isolation Booths" (Sound Engineer speak for a room in a room). All it took was some thick frames,100kg of recycled foam (thanks to Em and the great folk at Garbologie), a whole load of gyprock and we had our separated, sound-proofed rooms!


A huge thanks goes to to Charlie and Russell for their electronic expertise and for helping us get the essential power layout in the rooms; looks great guys!


Next came the custom patch panels: we designed these ourselves using the intuitive design program created by Redco Audio and had these shipped from the US. Another huge thanks to Gavin Foo for all his advice and for the 200m of cable to wire all this business. Also for all your help yet to come…


As it stands the studio is ready and looking great but still needs some final touches. We will continue to bring updates and new content now that we’ve settled in and try to keep things more active online! 


Cheers for following and supporting us!

recording studio perth, practice room perth
recording studio perth, practice room perth
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