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Audible Flora

Particles is an EP that flows through different styles and genres gently. A story of sorts taking the listener on a sonic journey while delivering exciting instrumentation and unique production qualities/techniques. The imagery it generates while guided by certain elements is largely open to interpretation seeing as though the album is primarily instrumental.


Driven mainly by synthesizers, bass and studio recorded/programmed drums the album also features various performances on guitars, pianos, violins, Rhodes and many other instruments. Influences for this EP include producers like Venetian Snares, Squarepusher, Aphex Twin and Omar Rodriguez Lopez also artists like Mark Guiliana, Donny McCaslin and David Bowie play a huge role in my sound. Some bands include Snarky Puppy and Tool to mention only very few!

Audible Flora
recording studio perth, practice room perth

​Perth Fusion project Audible Flora recorded their self-titled debut album with us, using the full potential of our inventory and sparking some very interesting sonic ideas. 

"We love all sound, aggressive or pleasant, and we try to incorporate these extremes into our musical experiments. We use a variety of acoustic and electronic instruments along with various microphones and techniques to explore our creativity and produce what you hear. Aside from some vocal samples, all the sound, instrument tracks and samples are written and recorded at Anthophobic Records. Listen closely and you may hear something you like..."



HUSSY are a five-piece band and occasional bike gang who like to thrash around and play too loud in Shin's shed.

Along with gigging around Perth, working their various day-jobs and fixing the world at jam-outs, they've also managed to record and release two EPs - "Where We Came Frum" back in October 2015 and "Lights Out Diana" in January 2017 with us here at Anthophobic Records.

Feast your ears on the whole thing and get your hands on some of their killer merch over on their BandCamp page!