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Anthophobic Records is what happens when you simply want to see a more diverse palate of music coming from your home town.

Lead by Cory, an experienced and passionate sound technician who established Anthophobic Records as a recording studio in 2011 before settling down south of the river in 2013.


In the early years he worked on diverse musical projects including recording with artists from "The X Factor" and "The Voice" along with other musical and film projects of varying genres. After relocating 30 minutes south of Perth city to transform the studio, Cory opened  the doors in 2015 to work with a myriad of local talent: from all-girl punk rockers HUSSY, to the alternative rock band Echo Drive.

Having been an active musicians for years in bands like Audible Flora and Bottlebrush, and championing a unique, dynamic, artist centred production style, this means Anthophobic Records goes the extra mile to ensure you achieve the sound you desire for your project as well as being able to source extra instrumentation and musicians, plus having access to an eclectic range of sounds both electronically and acoustically. 


Harness our extensive collection of instruments and equipment to guarantee your finished project is everything you imagined it to be.


Anthophobic Records provides recording, producing, mixing and mastering for any project across all genres, and love a challenge, so give us a call on 0422 1144 08 or email



For price estimates head over to our BOOK ONLINE tab.


Cory Jackman is a founding member of Anthophobic Records and has a long history within Perth's music scene. Having played in cover bands from a young age as well as studying sound and music in depth, he contributes many ideas towards sound quality and arrangement and can provide an extensive range of production techniques relating to musicality, instrumentation and hardware choice.  Cory has also worked with audio companies around Perth gaining a versatile skill set along the way. He specializes in mixing, sound engineering, and the use of DAW software working with the artists to represent their ideas audibly.

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